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All Guilds Meeting - October 2014

afbeelding van Doobes

The first All Guilds Meeting after the big reset and it was as crazy as ever...with bananas and ants and duct tape included!

I...guess you had to be there.  cheeky

For those that missed our monthly shenanigans, we have raw and cleansed chatlogs to read, plus the usual handy summary below!

Mister Magic

Mister Magic was first up to mention that the Magic Ages and Magic games associated with them are back up and running!  Some things were lost after the recent MOULa crash, but almost all of it was backed up for everyone to resume the fun.  If you'd like to get back into games or start them for the first time, visit the site for more information.


Next up was angelmyst to talk about her IC avatar character, angelmystIC (KI # 507296).  She will only talk in-character while in the cavern, and you can read her adventures on the associated forum thread.

Cavern Events Hood/Cavern Tours

Zeke365 discussed his latest creation, the Cavern Events hood, which will be a place for people to post and discuss recurring and special events in the cavern.  Note that one will have to be a member of the hood to post on the imager or send a KI mail to someone that is.

Also, the Cavern Tours will be starting again soon.  The first will be this Tuesday, October 7th.  Everyone will meet in Ae'gura at 21:00 KI time, with the tour itself beginning at 22:00.

Larry LeDeay joined in to mention another tour that they are developing that will be on Saturday mornings as a European friendly alternative.  They would like a the help of a Grey Hat if possible.

For more information, you can PM Zeke on the forums (as Zeke3651) or in-game at KI # 347677.


Caretaker was next to talk a bit more about a new hosting domain, D'ni Guild Hall.  As we understand it, anyone can sign up and create their own D'ni/Myst/URU-related page and have it hosted on the site.  For more information, you can read their FAQ on their forums.

D'ni Language Lessons/Tsahno Hood's Story Night

shokhootahn Rehn updated everyone about the Guild of Instructor's D'ni Language Lessons, which are full at the moment, but will be starting again in December or January for those interested.  Also, Tsahno Hood's Story Night is back, meeting every Saturday night at 22:30 KI time in Tsahno's Hood.  Note that the stories are spoken over voice chat, so be sure to have that turned on for the event!


Whil brought everyone up to speed on the status of his various projects.    Tosholek   and  Fens  are nearly done, with a few bugs that need fixing before release on online shards.  He's also redo ing  Maw  and Bimevi and ma king them bigger and better!  Not only that, but he also wants to create a few small rest Ages too.  You can follow Whil's work on his in-character Wordpress page.


To end the meeting, OHB came up to remind everyone about his new KI directory, to which explorers can add (or remove) their KI number so others can look them up.  He also mentioned that he's working to get the Fun House, a place where Grey Hats can use all kinds of strange and interesting...and entertaining...hacks for URU, up and running, which should hopefully be very soon.

As far as his own projects, OHBot may or may not come back (he hasn't decided yet) and the BOMB may make another appearance sometime next year.


The CAVCON hasn't been updated since the beginning of September, so we don't have an accurate reading of the previous month.  Still, be sure to donate when possible!

See you in November!

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